The importance of spending enough on media to create awareness for a new brand or product is something that many misunderstand.

Most of them think the fact that they have a new brand or product will make customers flock to them like pigeons being fed bread.

I liken this thinking to having a new suit but deciding to stay at home.

If you have invested a lot of time (and money) to get the right suit tailored, you should be eager to show it off, meet new people, and do business.

Should you just sit back and hope that they will come and visit you at home?

Or go out to town, so they can see you in your brand-new suit?

If you chose the smarter second option, you will need to spend to get to wherever you want to be seen. At least for the petrol or taxi fare. Some places require you to pay to get in, so that’s also cost.

But these are necessary expenditure.

It definitely beats organising your own parties (one party just don’t cut it), which would cost the same or even more.

Plus, there’s always the headache of getting the people you want to come.

And that’s assuming they will all come. More than likely you will get the same old friends you’ve always had before.

With your new suit, you would aspire to widen your circle right?

That’s why you need to go out to town and be where the people you want are. (That’s media buying.)

Once you’re there, you’ve got a ready pool of people to admire your new suit.

Of course, you shouldn’t go to just about any place there is in town. You need to choose wisely where you want to be seen. (That’s media planning.)

You should choose to be in places or at parties where people who appreciate you and your well-tailored suit would be.

But it doesn’t stop there. When you’re at the party, you need to stand out.

If your suit is one-of-a-kind, people will immediately notice.

If it isn’t, that’s when you need to do something more to attract their attention.

Maybe by the way you greet them, or how you carry yourself in conversations. (That’s advertising.)

If your targets like the new you, they may look forward to see you again. Some may even swap numbers with you.

Some, who find an immediate connection with you, may even want to have coffee after, to get to know you better.

What I’m trying to say is this – you need to be at these places, often enough, before you get beyond first base.

That’s media – you need to spend an effective amount to give your brand or product a chance.

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